Mobile Security Management

Mobile computing continues to expand throughout organizations to increase efficiency, empower collaboration, speed workflow, and boost employee productivity. The rapid growth of mobility in the enterprise can bring unwanted security challenges.

Safeguarding the enterprise from potential threats while maintaining a highly optimized, user friendly and secure mobile experience is paramount to your enterprise success.

SOTI MobiControl protects against an evolving threat landscape that can seriously compromise your enterprise’s day-to-day operations.

The Need for Mobile Security

Physical Security

Enterprise mobility increases the need for strong physical security. Mobile devices are more easily misplaced, and are an increasingly attractive target for theft. IT administrators need a comprehensive solution to protect against data loss in the event that a device changes hands – inadvertently through loss or theft, or as a result an ownership transfer or device decommissioning plan. With SOTI, enterprise IT can mitigate impact caused by:

Lost or Stolen Devices

Intelligent security policies can protect unauthorized access to your lost/stolen devices, and take action when a device remains out of contact for a configurable period of time.

Device Ownership Transfer

Automatically manage the transfer of data and applications on mobile devices between device owners within the company.

Device Decommissioning

Full device wipe capability removes all managed content, applications and configurations from all of your devices, returning it back to factory state for decommissioning.

Device Security

Device level security is critical to protect the integrity and security of the hardware and mobile operating system and prevent device tampering. With SOTI, enterprise IT can provision device level security policies to prevent:

Privilege Escalation (Jailbreaking & Rooting)

Automatically detect jailbroken/rooted devices and apply policies to restrict access to corporate applications, resources and content.

Unauthorized Access

Strong authentication policies ensure trusted communications between your mobile devices and your enterprise.

Application Sideloading

SOTI can restrict sideloading by disabling the ability to install applications from unknown and untrusted sources.

Securing Data at Rest

Aside from its employees, data is an enterprise’s most valuable natural resource. With the increase in mobile business processes and workflows, protection of enterprise data is front and centre as a key management challenge within enterprise IT departments. With SOTI, IT administrators can protect corporate data by:

Encryption and Authentication

Mandating strong encryption for devices, complex passwords, biometric authentication, and two-factor authentication that protects data on the device from falling into the wrong hands.

Using Containerization

Provides containerization solutions that separate personal and business data, keeping personal data private and business data secure.

Employing Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Selective wipe and email and content forwarding protection keeps sensitive data from leaving the enterprise.

Deploying Full Application Lifecycle Management

Full application lifecycle management mitigates end-user’s exposure to untrusted applications.

Securing Data in Motion

Securing data in motion is a key requirement to protect against Wi-Fi hijacking, Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks, and other network interception threats. With SOTI, enterprise IT can protect sensitive corporate data in transit across:


VPN support at the device, container, and application levels secures data in motion and ensures communications between your devices and enterprise network are encrypted and protected.


Automatic provisioning of secure Wi-Fi provides your IT administrators a high degree of control over the wireless network.

Bluetooth & NFC

Security policies can be configured to govern the use of Bluetooth and NFC Capabilities.

SOTI provides best-in-class and secure enterprise mobility management to help enterprises safely extend mobility throughout the entire organization. SOTI’s advanced security and management features provide granular control of how mobile devices are used for business, and how data is accessed to ensure sensitive corporate information is kept secure. Download the SOTI Security Whitepaper for more information.

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